About me

My name is Michael, born in 1967 and still interested in discovering our planet. I believe that every one in this world is a unique person and hopefully get the chance to be what he/she want to be, live how he/she want to live.

In some parts of the world this is not easy or impossible and even in liberal countries there are a lot of constraints to our life. Sometime it is family boundaries, the job and/or other financial aspects preventing us from doing what we would love to do. In addition to find out what we really love is a life-task and may change over the years. It also depends on our experiences, education and fears.

I love to be in the nature, discover new places and people. I found out for me personally I can do this best by travelling using a bike. Moving slowly through this world gives more time to discover it. If I take a car, train, plane I know I miss a lot on the way because it is too fast to focus on some details. And not to forget the limitations of staying on some given paths. The best way probably would be walking. But, although I like walking, I prefer cycling to cover a distance as well.

Beside cycling I like music (singing, playing guitar and a little keyboard) and traveling around the world.

My children are grown up already and start living their own live, founding their own families. Why not looking forward to the things I love to do and realize some dreams?