Easter Cycling Trip on EV7 from Passau to Berlin

I am now on a cycling trip along Eurovelo 7 cycling path from Passau to Berlin. Below I will collect some impression about the trip.

Last night I stayed in the city Torgau. I never heard about it before, but it has a beautiful environment of the local goverment to work: In a castle build in the year 1532.

On my way today there was a much more famous city called Wittenberg. It is called city of Luther or Rome of the Protestants as well. In this city Martin Luther started the reformation of the (Catholic) Church. There are several buildings to visit. As the weather was not good today again I preferred to continue and just took a picture with my bike at this famous place.

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Follow my dream

and see if it come true.

That’s my dream: Being on a longtime cycling tour and discover our planet, people and different cultures. Not only for a new weeks or month, I like to do for several years.

I know from some people who started a world cycling tour for several years, travelling 100.000 km on their bike, staying in nature, discovering other food, culture, places. I am jealous about their life and want to be out there, too. Every time I do a 2 or 3 week cycling tour I can image a little how it must be to continue.

For know it is just a dream, but a dream I am working on to come true.